In this episode I chat to author Jeannette Ng about her Gothic Fantasy novel UNDER THE PENDULUM SUN. We discuss how she came upon her tale of a gothic heroine travelling to the mysterious and threatening continent of Arcadia, in search of her missionary brother who has been trying to convert the Fair Folk. We chat about Chinese vampires, world-building, colonialism, the creative freedom of youth, borrowing from established story structures, dreaded second novel syndrome, and writing in the long shadow of the Bront√ęs.

This is a great episode to listen to if you want to know:
– how can I create compelling Fantasy worlds?
– how can I breathe new life into familiar monsters?
– where can I look for inspiration?
– what does Fantasy allow me to do that other genres don’t?
– what strategies can I use to overcome excessive self-criticism?
– what are some pitfalls to avoid when creating Fantasy cultures?

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