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Untitled (by Caleb)

Some have remarked that my childhood wasn’t normal, and I can’t deny their statements entirely. I was born with a family, of course. Everyone is. The only difference with mine is that it lasted less than a year. My mother and father left me, abandoned me, forgot about me; or perhaps even decided they’d be better off if I’d never been born at all.

That’s what the pirates tell me. I’ve lived with them ever since they found me as a baby, lying in a basket by the harbor. Not an ideal beginning, to be sure, but I know this life can’t be what I was destined for. There are so many other things I could be doing, like fighting in the British army, exploring the vast, grime-covered streets of London, or simply playing with other children my age. I’d settle for that in a heartbeat. Sometimes I lay awake at night, imagining how much better my life would be if I was living it on land.  The grass is always greener on the other side.

That’s what Barnabus told me, at least. He’s my confidant/friend/schoolmaster all rolled into one. Plus he’s one of the Captain’s oldest friends, which explains why he’s still here, when a younger, stronger man could do his assigned duties with more vigor. Speaking of the Captain…I hate him. I know it sounds callous, but you haven’t been around him like I have.