Writing a novel? Finding it too easy? This episode isn’t for you.

In this episode, author Tim Clare (that’s me) packs your 10-piece first draft survival kit. It has everything you need to get you through the first draft of your novel – the tools, the mindset, and proven strategies.

The 10 Tools in your First Draft Survival Kit are:

1. You’re Allowed To Give Up.
2. Challenges, Not Obligations
3. Short-Term Goals, Not Long-Term Visions
4. Aim Low
5. Start
6. Be Curious
7. Keep Notes
8. Go Public
9. Time Travel
10. Let Go Of The Past

If you want to find out what they are and how to apply them now, take a listen!

This is a great episode to listen to if:
– you’re working on a novel
– you find yourself losing heart when you start writing
– you struggle with procrastination
– you want to finish a first draft

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