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Death Of 1000 Cuts – Season 2 Preview

Hi everyone. Long-time no blog! I’ve been writing and dadding – all is explained in the mini-sode (ugh what an horrendous portmanteau) of Death Of 1000 Cuts below. If you’d like to submit, get in touch via the ‘contact me’ link to the right.

Death Of 1000 Cuts – Podcast Episode 15

Hey writing pals. Here’s the new episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts. If you’d like to submit a piece of writing for a future episode, please check out our submission guidelines for details. If you’d like to read my work, why not read my novel, The Honours? Here’s the extract we look at this episode: […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts – Podcast Episode 14

Hey writing pals. Here’s the latest episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts – me, chatting about editing fiction every Friday. If you’d like to submit the first page of your novel for a future episode (please do!) then click this link to read our submission guidelines. Here’s the extract I look at this episode. Hey, […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts – Podcast Episode 12

On this absolutely frigging awful pig of a week, here’s another episode of my ridiculous creative writing advice podcast. I hope you’re all right and I hope you enjoy the show. It has me doing possibly the worst dialogue read ever recorded. Audible, you have my email address. Start bidding for my services whenever you […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts

Happy Christmas and welcome to Death Of 1000 Cuts – making you an awesome writer, one cut at a time. I hope you’re having/have had a pleasant yuletide replete with small, discrete, flavour-rich events which you can observe and later exploit in your fiction. Reviewers will quote these specific, idiosyncratic moments with approval, and you […]

My Books Of The Year 2014

I hate ‘books of the year’ lists. Collectively, they read as a flurry of smug nepotism and glib, superficial blurb-swapping – an easy way to fill column space while Britain’s few remaining arts journalists wind down for the Christmas break. I don’t think that, individually, any of the authors polled are being deliberately back-slappy or […]

Tim Clare’s Cone O’ Tragedy: On Finishing

About an hour ago, I finished. As those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably only-too-aware, I’ve spent the last two years working on a novel. Given that I’d promised myself that I would never attempt a novel again, this came as a bit of a shock to me. My previous attempts had […]