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Death Of 1000 Cuts: Season 2 Episode 4 – Chat With Joe Dunthorne

Hello friends. Here’s the latest episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts. I said I was going to record some chats with other writers and lo, here is the first of what will hopefully be ‘a bunch’. Joe Dunthorne has appeared on the podcast before, helping me look at a couple of listeners’ first pages, but […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts: Season 2 Episode 3 – Untitled by Sam

Hello friends. Here’s this week’s episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts. After the intense boss rush of Couch to 80k, we’re back to a slightly more manageable flow of episodes for everyone, which you can listen to whenever you like. You don’t even have to do a writing exercise during them! Gosh. Luxury, eh? In […]

THE SUPERFAN HANDBOOK: 17 Powerful Ways to Support Authors

Authors need readers. Without them, the greatest novels in the world are just ink and dead trees spattered with the tears of weird, lonely liars. But it’s easy for books to get lost in the noise. There’s more competition than ever before, not just from other books but from Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and niche activities […]