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Death Of 1000 Cuts: Cut 10 – Make Me Believe In One Small Thing

Hey everybody, welcome to Death Of 1000 Cuts – making you an awesome writer, one cut at a time. In The Barber’s Chair will be back next week (crazy-busy this week!) and if you want to submit (250 words max, just title and extract, no explanatory blather please) then email via the ‘Contact Me’ link […]

Poem O’ The Week: In Portishead

I grew up in a little coastal West Country town you’ve probably heard of, called Portishead. To be fair, as a child, I was quite happy there. It was only when I moved away then came back that I became aware of how crazily right-wing the place is. Our local MP is the Conservative Dr […]

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone Presents: Blade Master

Release date: 1991 Systems: Arcade Hovering at the fringes of the beat em up genre is the slash em up – a (usually Conan-flavoured) romp through pseudo-medieval Fantasyland, slaying goblins, kobolds (I’m normally pretty good when it comes to bestiaries but if anyone can tell me the difference between a goblin and a kobold I’d […]

News Monday

Brrr! A storm is howling down the street outside but I’m tucked up in bed with the internet, contemplating toddling downstairs to make a coffee. Life’s tough in the decadent west. I’ve been spending the last week working on edits for my novel. If it seems like I’ve been working on it for ages now, […]

Tim Clare’s Cone O’ Tragedy: On Graves

So it’s been a week since we finished our tour of poets’ graves and I’m still letting all my thoughts percolate before I start producing new material inspired by it. Next week I’m going to be doing two gigs in London where I talk a bit about the trip, and hopefully perform one or two […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts – In The Barber’s Chair: Untitled (by Paolo)

Bonsoir, and welcome to another Death Of 1000 Cuts – making you an awesome writer, one cut at a time. This week, we look at another aspiring author’s first page and take the scissors to it. If you would like me to look at the first page of your novel or short story on this […]

Poem O’ The Week: Bum

The last grave we visited on our tour of poets’ graves didn’t belong to a poet at all. After paying our respects to William McGonagall in Edinburgh, we went and took our pictures at the monument to Greyfriars Bobby, the dog who supposedly stood vigil at his master’s grave for over a decade. The story […]

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone Presents: Turtles In Time

Release date: 1991 Systems: Arcade, SNES Most gamers of a certain age are familiar with the 4-player arcade title Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As the 80s rolled into the glorious technicolor 90s, pretty much every amusements in the UK had a Turtles machine. Contrasted to the dual screen, 6-player X-Men cabinet, Vendetta, or even The […]

The Poets’ Graves Tour Is Over

I’m back from my two week pilgrimage around poets’ graves with Mark Grist and MC Mixy. It feels weird to write that – I guess it really is over! It’ll take me a while to unpack the whole experience, so I can say something less trite than ‘wow… weird’. We kept an intermittent blog of […]

Normal Service Resumes Monday

I’m still on tour with Mark Grist and MC Mixy, touring poets’ graves. We’ve visited Sylvia Plath, Philip Larkin, Lord Byron and William Shakespeare. We’ve gigged in a school, an office, a cinema and two castles. We’ve met a staffie, a pug, a whippet-collie cross, an Irish wolfhound, a white labrador and an angry newfoundland. […]

Monday’s Journey

Hey everyone! Cross-posting this from the Poets’ Graves blog. On Monday we trekked out onto Dartmoor to hunt for Ted Hughes’ memorial stone. Its exact location was kept secret for several years, partly – so the story goes – for fear that Sylvia Plath supporters might deface it, and partly – again, so I’ve read […]

Death and the Poet

So, for the next fortnight, I’m going to be cross-posting pieces here and on the Poets’ Graves Tour blog. You should read the blog itself, as it will have posts and poems not just from me, but from Mark Grist and MC Mixy as well. I posted this piece late last night, after our launch […]


Hey there my dear, loyal friends. So if you read this blog you probably know that I’m off on a pilgrimage round dead poets’ graves for the next fortnight. The link there takes you to our tour route, including shows we’re doing along the way. Do tweet or email us if you fancy us making […]

Death Of 1000 Cuts – In The Barber’s Chair: Liquid Lunch (by Craig)

Ola! Welcome to (a slightly tardy) Death Of 1000 Cuts – making you an awesome writer, one cut at a time. I am almost completely out of first pages, you guys! I’m firing the flare gun into the night sky. Please put the word out: aspiring authors, send me the first page of your novel […]

Poem O’ The Week: Everything Hangs In The Balance

Everything Hangs In The Balance The gilt-edged sombrero, the walnut-nosed little gentleman running his pea and shells game on a paisley rug beside the steps to the opera, the bitch stoat mounting a rabbit and needling at its throat crease, the rabbit beneath, squealing, its hot, lean flanks and the hedgerow a fading murk against […]

Welcome To The Fantasy Zone Presents: Streets Of Rage

Release date: 1991 Systems: Megadrive, Master System, Game Gear, Wii Virtual Console, Nintendo 3DS Right, let’s have it. As an unreconstructed Nintendo fanboy I’ve gotta confess that the knives were out for Streets Of Rage the moment I decided to embark on this foolhardy history of the beat em up. Alongside Golden Axe it’s a […]