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Podcast Mi Amor – Episode 3

Hey, the latest episode of Podcast Mi Amor is available for streaming and download, starring me, Joe Deeney, and Patrick Lappin. You can get it here. This time, the show features penguins, Terrorvision, and a stunning coup de grace delivered to the House of Saud.

The Poetry Takeaway

Hey, so do you remember those posts I did from way back in August about setting up a ‘Poetry Takeaway’ on the streets of Edinburgh? Basically, the idea was that me and a bunch of poets sat on the Royal Mile, offering people free, bespoke poems written on any subject they like in 10 minutes […]

Greatest Video Game Villains Of All Time: #3 – Pokey Minch

And so we return to my annual blog series, (previous years here and here) with one of my favourite video game villains of all time. This year – Earthbound and Mother 3‘s Porky Minch. (in case it needs saying, SPOILER ALERT – if you have any intention of playing Earthbound or Mother 3, you might […]

The Penguins And The Polar Bears

i. Come to a land of wind and ice Where keeping warm’s an effort So cold your teeth clack-clack like dice Yet drier than a desert A land where sunlight strikes the snow And shines as bright as solar flares Look! Marching, row on stately row, A mighty flock of polar bears What’s that? No, […]

Podcast Mi Amor 2

The next episode of Podcast Mi Amor is up and available for streaming or download. You can have a listen here. This week, the show covers such diverse topics as dreams, sauna ettiquette, and William Hague. Also, we have a guest! Joining us this time is Molly Naylor. It was really good fun to record, […]