Wo Shi Shi Ren

On Tuesday morning, I grumpily slogged through the driving rain to set up shop on Edinburgh Fringe’s Royal Mile. It took me ages to set up the complicated camping table, and my graphic design skills aren’t up to much, so the sign I drew in black marker on the spot looked a little forlorn. To … Read more

Ed Fringe

Wahey! I’m up in Edinburgh for my first ever Fringe run and having a lovely time. There’s mental amounts of stuff to see and thronging crowds and it all feels dreadfully exciting. You get quite publicity jaded pretty quickly, what with the mass of posters screaming at you from every wall and window, and flierers … Read more

The Poetry Takeaway

So I’m just about to make the long trip north for my first full innings at the Edinburgh Fringe – almost a month’s worth of gigging, schmoozing, promoting, and getting to watch some of the best performers in the world. Probably some of the worst, too, come to think of it. One thing’s for sure … Read more