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So, I’ve really wanted to know this since ever, but I kept forgetting to ask someone in the legal profession who could appraise me of the facts. Now T-Rex of the robustly entertaining Dinosaur Comics has answered my query! I recognise no higher authority in the world of jurisprudence. My question was: can you put […]

The Limits Of The Expert

So it’s nice to see my old chum and fellow Aisle16er Luke Wright has been back blogging after a long period of sporadic comms. In my continuing efforts to bore the tits off of all my readers equally (my video game posts have a consistent knack for making at least 50% of eyes glaze over) […]

Worst Band Names Of The Year

So it’s that time of year again. But while you might be hanging festive wreaths and guzzling Coca-cola, I’m celebrating the season of goodwill by reading the Onion AV Club’s annual Worst Band Names list. Here are the lists from 2008 and 2007. Most of these names are so crap it’s impossible to imagine they […]

Purple Ronnie Stand-Up Poetry Club

This Thursday 17th December, I’ll be performing with all seven members of Aisle16 at The Monto Water Rats Theatre, on Grays Inn Road. It’s exceptionally rare that all of us are in the same place to do a gig, aside from the late night ‘Aisle16 and Friends’ sessions at Latitude festival. A good portion of […]

Pokémon Is A Tool Of Satan

I wonder how this chap would feel if he knew that, within the latest versions of Pokémon, they have their own church you can visit, laid out like a conventional Christian church, where people worship the Earth and Pokémon. No joke. Plus there are Ghost Pokémon who are literally the resurrected ghosts of dead Pokémon, […]

Games With Stupid Names – #11: The Lord Of King

In The Lord Of King, you play some beardy dude who pulls a magic fire axe out of a stone, becoming, in the process, a king. But not just any king. Oh no… You’re the Lord of King! Gooowaaaaarggghhh! The rest of the game sees you waddling about hacking at weird mantis-creatures, skeletons, cruel wingéd […]

Games With Stupid Names – #10: The Irritating Maze

Hello, yes, it’s me, Tim Clare, inviting you to watch my strange, infrequent ritual of poking a shotgun muzzle into a barrel of writhing pilchards, then squeezing the trigger. What’s that? Some old video games don’t hold up to close aesthetic scrutiny? No shit!! What incisive, necessary reportage! You should, like, be given a job […]