100 Poems In A Day – I DID IT!

So yesterday I attempted to write 100 poems in a day – and succeeded! Boom. It was a weird experience. The night before, I’d done my classic thing of feeling nervous and excited ahead of a big day, so I stayed up until 4am playing a Japanese RPG and reading Ted Hughes’ Crow (which I … Read more

P-Day: November 26th, 9:00 GMT

So, the 100 Poems In A Day Project has an official blog! Also, an official kickoff time. 9am, this Thursday. Aww crap. I’m actually going to have to do it now. Will you join me? You know, if anyone has ideas for poem titles on the day itself, do suggest them, and I guess I’ll … Read more

The Wall

This wasn’t a speed poem. I took a while over it and have no excuses other than a dearth of craft. The Wall The men are building a wall. On top of the wall is a large cobalt blue radioWith armoured sides and black rubberShock absorbers,SingingLike a hornet trappedIn an ear trumpet.It is built for … Read more

3 Speed Poems

I’ve already received a whole bunch of awesome suggested poem titles for the 100 Poems In A Day Project. There’s a great variety of facetious, serious, abstract and specific lines there for me – and everyone else who decides to join in – to work from. Thanks peeps! Please keep them coming! So, since I … Read more

The 100 Poems In A Day Project

I was chatting to poet, author and magma-arteried destroyer of worlds John Osborne this weekend, when he mentioned discovering that a poet we both knew had never heard of speed poems. Well, here’s a pathetically small potential controversy to rock my friends and the poetry world at large – up until a few minutes ago, … Read more

Found In Translation on Radio 4!

Hey, hey, hey, if you tune into to Radio 4 this Thursday, 19th November, at 11:30am, you’ll be able to hear a show about the Oulipo, where they chat to me and my fellow Aisle16ers Ross Sutherland and Joe Dunthorne about our Oulipo-inspired poems and our show about our attempt to infiltrate the Oulipo, Found … Read more

You, The Master Of Unlocking

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulbotKa5LnM](via the ever-giving Metafilter) I love video games, and, as some of you may know, I’ve written dialogue for games too, as well as helping cast and direct voice actors. So, you know, I get a little piqued when game companies release titles with crappy dialogue. What’s the point of pouring all that time and … Read more

Christmas Is Coming

Hey look, Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re stuck for a present for that frustrated writer in your family, or that artsy depressive, or that smug schadenfreude-loving accountant, then you could do a lot worse than snapping up a copy of We Can’t All Be Astronauts, my award-winning book about desperately wanting to … Read more

Pieces Of Me

So ‘Cone O’ Tragedy’ ticks just about every ‘Don’t’ in the list of bad blog design. Whenever I put up another piece about some obscure arcade game and what I think about it, I alienate most of my artsy, poetic audience. Whenever I write about my opinions on the UK performance poetry scene, everyone who … Read more