Games With Stupid Names – #7 The First Funky Fighter

Of all the video game titles we’ve encountered so far, The First Funky Fighter is the most semantically problematic, colliding various contradictory images into a single, on the face of it ludicrous, claim of primacy. One definition of the word ‘funk’ is ‘the smell of sexual intercourse’, thus making the protagonist ‘The First Fighter Who … Read more

Poor Old Dead Jeremy Beadle

When I heard Jezza Beadle had snuffed it I were rate sad. Not in that whole, ‘Hay let’s get stoned then watch Volume 3 of Steven Segal’s Body & Spirit Motivational Workout on VHS’ internet-age hyper-irony way – I genuinely remembered him as seeming like a nice guy who was made the target of a … Read more


I’ve been threatening for a while now to do a post about my favourite website, Metafilter. But the pressure of actually putting something together that would adequately sum up why I love it, while encouraging others to go and check it out – the amount of time it’d take me to put that kind of … Read more