Hey so I’m going to be attempting to write 101 poems in a day on Friday 25th November. I’m doing it for fun and attention, and as a challenge to myself, but also this year people can sponsor me. Donations go to Mind, a cool charity I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m going to post poems as I write them, on the day, at my blog 101 Poems In A Day 2011. You can see the ugly remnants of 2009 and 2010 here and here.

If you’d like to kick in a tiny wedge o’ dough that will simultaneously aid a charity and make you feel better about yourself and therefore the world, my fundraising page is here. I will dedicate poems to people who donate. The fundraising page will stay open for a month after the project, so I can append dedications after the fact. Urk. Cpt Tortuous Prose, thank God you’re here.

Mainly though, I need suggestions for poem titles. You can email me them, tweet me them, or drop em in the comments here. All the poems I write are based on titles suggested by other people. I need a whole bunch. Please send.

That’s it, anyway. That’s the deal. I hope you enjoy seeing me do it. Every year I’ve just about squeaked in within the time limit. I have no idea if I’ll be successful this time, when a whole bunch of charitable donations are on the line. I can tell you this much – it’s flipping hard. Anyway. Titles. Donations. Whatever works for you, get involved.

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